First: Understand

During this part of the process (often called “discovery”), you do the talking and we do the listening. We make a structured plan for our own information gathering. Whether we’re doing stakeholder interviews, market research, deep dive discovery kickoff meetings, or constructing mood boards for client feedback, the end goal is the same: To internalize and understand the problem(s) we’re trying to solve. We dig deep into who you are, what you do, the story you want to tell, and to whom you want to tell it.

Next: Imagine

Our favorite phase. Once we’re up to speed, we start to dream. Rather than jump to design deliverables, we carve out time between learning and creating to imagine what’s possible.  If we’re creating a visual identity, during the Imagine phase we’ll often conduct internal and external collaborative brainstorming sessions to explore concepts and metaphors for the brand, avoiding the urge to jump straight into Illustrator. On a web project, Imagine might entail whiteboarding interesting information organization techniques or interaction design ideas.

Then: Make

Finally, we’re ready to dive in: wireframes, drawings, low-fidelity, high-fidelity, coding, illustrations, copy, signage, printed business cards, and more. We make, design, revise, iterate, and develop until we reach a high-fidelity, polished solution that solves the original problem.