1. Super-Fast Rescue Missions and Peace of Mind

Imagine this: Your website is experiencing issues, and you need help pronto. With a retainer, you’ve got our team of dedicated developers ready to diagnose and treat the problem.* While we don’t offer 24/7 support, we do our best to address high priority bugs ASAP within our team’s working hours.

Retainers reserve hours exclusively for your requests. Whether it’s a quick fix, an update, or an enhancement, our dedicated team is ready to address your needs for the month. Help is just a message away!

*Note: If your website is fully down and you are hosted on WP Engine, please contact their support team directly who are available 24/7.

2. Ongoing Website Management

Once a project concludes, many clients face the dilemma of managing their website. Sure, you could hire a freelancer or have an internal developer take over, but you risk disrupting your site’s intended design and functionality. Our retainers solve this predicament by offering codebase retention and allowing for swift interventions if issues arise, even after the project has concluded. From new features to fixing inevitable bugs, our team has the right expertise and intimate knowledge of your website to manage it efficiently.

3. Proactive Maintenance and Updates

Websites are in a perpetual state of evolution. WordPress plugins and technologies are continuously updated to enhance performance and security. With a retainer in place, you have a team proactively monitoring and implementing the latest updates each month, ensuring your website remains running smoothly. In addition, with our preferred hosting partner, WP Engine, you can rest assured that your website is running on the latest WordPress technology.

4. Continuous Improvement and Best Practices

Your business should not just keep up; it should lead. With a retainer, you gain access to a team committed to evolving and improving their work continuously. As we learn and further refine our practice, we can implement changes that will enhance your website and your experience using it, gradually, without needing to start over from scratch.

For example, we’ve really honed in on creating flexible and easy to use page builders within WordPress, unlocking content teams to create all kinds of landing pages and posts quickly. When Fireblocks, a long standing client, wanted to refresh their brand and website without the headache and long timeline associated with rebuilding from scratch, we worked closely with their creative director to build a new flexible and easy to use page builder that not only maintains brand consistency but also offers extensive customization options.

The outcome? A gradual yet rapid rollout of a refreshed brand, tailored to the timeline that suited the Fireblocks content team. It’s the beauty of progress without the chaos—made possible by having our team on retainer!

6. Expert Support for Your Team

Have questions about your website? Need to onboard a new team member? A retainer offers more than just technical support; it provides a resource for answering queries and facilitating smooth onboarding processes. Your team can leverage the expertise of those who built the site in the first place.

7. No More Project Management Headaches

Dreaming big dreams? A retainer turns your digital dream team into an all-in-one solution. Forget juggling freelancers; having a team on retainer minimizes project management hassles. You bring the idea, and we collaborate seamlessly to turn it into reality.

In conclusion, a retainer isn’t just an ongoing service; it’s an insurance policy for your digital presence. When you invest in a retainer, you’re not just hiring a team; you’re securing a partner dedicated to the long-term success of your digital endeavors. Learn more about our retainer offerings ranging from 1 hour/month all the way up to 50+ hours/month here!