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welcome to Studio Simpatico

Studio Simpatico team in the conference room behind a Simpatico mug

what we craft experiences that connect with our clients' audiences

Amber, Bruce, and Sinan review a design
Amber, Bruce, and Sinan review a design Tamara laughing Evan smiling and pointing Corey at whiteboard, reviewing code Amber working on computer
  • branding & visual identity

    Our creative team works closely with you to understand your business goals and target audience and explores how to best express your values, personality, and core messaging via a codified, holistic visual identity.

  • product & user experience design

    We believe that effective product design relies on: a holistic understanding of business goals; the ability to empathize with users' mindsets and grok their mental models; and a fluency with technical capabilities and limitations.

  • marketing website design

    Our web design and development process accounts for not only brand and aesthetics, but also strategic marketing, messaging, search optimization, and scalability. We prefer to think of it as designing tools, not pages.

  • content & editorial website design

    Our UX and planning process involves a deeply collaborative discovery period with content creators and editors to ensure we build them a flexible, dynamic editorial toolkit to fulfill your content and business objectives.

  • custom WordPress development

    We build fully custom themes using Advanced Custom Fields Pro, and pride ourselves on our easy-to-maintain, intuitively organized, well annotated user interfaces within the WordPress admin area.

who we're children of the internet who love helping our clients' businesses thrive

Headshot of Tamara Olson Headshot of Sinan Imre Headshot of Evan Thompson Headshot of Amber Weinberg Headshot of Bruce Viemeister Headshot of Corey Donenfeld
  • Headshot of Tamara Olson

    Tamara Olson

    Co-Founder and Head of Product more from Tamara

    Prior to starting Studio Simpatico, Tamara spent several years at Google, first as a design manager in Ads, then as the design lead for Google Classroom. Tamara has crafted experiences for Apple, The Paperless Post, and Conde Nast, and in 2009 led the The New York Observer redesign (Webby nomination, best newspaper design). Tamara holds a Master’s from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), and a B.A. from Macalester College, and previously served as adjunct faculty teaching interaction design at FIT. A WordPress and front-end developer, she regularly attends and speaks at Wordcamps around the world.

  • Headshot of Sinan Imre

    Sinan Imre

    Co-Founder and Head of Creative more from Sinan

    A multidisciplinary designer with a passion for creating and amplifying brands, Sinan brings many years of studio, agency, and freelance experience to Simpatico. As the Creative Design Lead at SocialCode, a digital insights and technology company, Sinan managed all creative output and led a successful visual rebrand, implementing it across all company channels. Previously, he worked as a Senior Designer at Dead As We Know It, where he created artwork and managed production for web and print advertising assets for Jose Cuervo, Dewar’s and Three Olives Vodka.

  • Headshot of Evan Thompson

    Evan Thompson

    Front-End Developer

    Evan loves crafting efficient coding solutions to interesting problems. Evan specializes in front end development, and focuses on creating intuitive experiences while maintaining accessibility for all users. A Princeton graduate and lifelong learner, Evan loves diving into new frameworks and libraries, reading fantasy novels, and playing new boardgames. He has built multiple web applications, including Scene Partner (a line-learning app for actors) and Draconis Personae (a companion app for Dungeons & Dragons).

  • Headshot of Amber Weinberg

    Amber Weinberg

    Front-End Developer more from Amber

    Amber is a front-end developer based in Nashville, Tennessee who has been making websites since the mid-90s when “frames, tables and animated GIFs were the cool kids.” With over a decade of experience running her own business, Amber specializes in creating custom, responsive WordPress themes, and particularly revels in user-friendly WordPress admin interfaces that make content updating a breeze for her clients, accessibility, and code organization and semantics. She has guest written for several blogs (including her own at, spoken at and attended events in both the UK and the US. Offline, you can always find her knitting, reading a book, or traveling around the world.

  • Headshot of Bruce Viemeister

    Bruce Viemeister

    Art Director

    Bruce is a passionate designer with a heavy focus on brand identity, web design, and art direction. Starting as a book cover designer and moving into the digital realm, he has experience on both sides. He has worked for small boutiques, in-house startups, and larger agencies both in New York and San Francisco. When he’s not hanging out with his awesome dachshund, Pretzel, you can usually find him building something out of wood, catching a few waves, brewing a fresh batch of beer, or knitting the night away. He loves to learn new things and work with all types of mediums. Bruce holds a Bachelors Degree in Design from the School of Visual Arts.

  • Headshot of Corey Donenfeld

    Corey Donenfeld

    Front-End Developer & Designer

    A self-taught developer/designer who loves to learn, Corey writes semantic and organized front end code, dabbles with back end development, and eagerly dives into animation work. Exploration and learning are prominent parts of Corey’s identity, and he is fascinated by extending his creative abilities. Corey likes taking complicated ideas and simplifying them into beautiful and intuitive designs. When he is not in front of a screen, you can find him playing ping pong, hiking, building with legos, baking desserts, or reading a book.

  • Angela Huang


    Angela is passionate about creative problem solving and works as a designer focused on web design and branding. Previously, she worked as a freelancer with experience collaborating with a wide range of clients to produce designs from digital medium to traditional print publications. She also has years of experience creating illustrations and animations. When she’s not working, you can find Angela creating handmade prints, visiting galleries, or watching movies. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration from School of Visual Arts, as well as a certificate in design from Shillington Education.

why we've worked at the big places long enough to know that we prefer the small

  • craft

    We embrace lifelong learning. We understand that the world and technology are constantly changing, and aim to get out and learn from others in the industry as much as possible.

  • constructs

    We are diligent about deadlines and always aim for transparency and clarity of expectations. But—if processes aren’t working, we analyze, iterate, and make them better.

  • coziness

    We believe the world is a better place with a large number of small businesses, rather than a small number of large businesses. We enjoy the benefits of being small: wearing many hats, concise communication, selective hiring.

  • clients

    We find inspiration in our clients’ passion for their businesses. Working hard to partner with them and produce great work motivates us in a way that empty office perks can’t.

  • coworkers

    We practice common courtesy, empathy, kindness, and respect. We are all teachers and students. When there’s too much to do, everyone grabs an oar and helps out.

  • creativity

    It’s too easy to fall into ‘best practices’ that are actually ruts. To foster true creativity, we prioritize and carve out time devoted to exploration and experimentation.

how no project managers, no working at arm's length… we brainstorm, imagine, and build alongside our clients

where we are proudly located in the heart of New York City

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