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looking for your next gig?

come work at Simpatico!

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    Our name reflects the authentic and collaborative approach we take when working with our clients and each other.

    We’re a boutique studio made up of children of the internet. We’re overachievers that don’t need micromanagement. We genuinely care and take interest in our clients and their businesses.

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    We regularly share rich, constructive, and caring feedback, without the ego and office politics.

    We don’t have time for that. We’ve worked at a lot of places (Google, Apple, big agencies, small agencies) -- long enough to know we prefer a small studio environment. When the studio is busy, everyone chips in to help get things done.

Zeth and Amber ChattingBruce and Tamara Laughing
  1. 03

    We’re self-aware about how comically organized we all are.

    We manage our own to do lists, and we all take part in managing our clients’ expectations. We love that every day in the life at Simpatico is not like any other day.

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    Our designers went to art school. Our developers studied design.

    Our designers know their stuff when it comes to typography, grids, color theory, and layout. We believe that how you organize your file’s layers, and keeping measurements consistent matters. Our developers are intensely collaborative, and they share our understanding that precise implementation matters. We all see padding.

Zeth and Cate Working at TableCorey and Nate Brainstorming
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    We care about each other.

    Like, actually care. We loved our whiteboard-heavy studio space in the Garment District, but we’ve been remote since the world shut down. Our Slack channels stay buzzing with rapid fire project collaboration and pet photos.

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    Are we simpatico? Does this sound like somewhere you'd want to work?

    Unfortunately we're not hiring at the moment. That said, if you'd like us to keep your resume and portfolio on file for when we are, feel free to send them over. Simpatico jobs include Junior to Mid Level Designer, an Entry Level Developer, a Senior Designer, and a Senior WordPress Front-End Developer.

feeling like we might be simpatico? get in touch