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Meet NYC's go-to user experience & product design agency.

Design User Experience and Project Management Team
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    A process rich in user experience

    Studio Simpatico’s core offerings include user experience design, user research and UX audit services, usability testing, product design, and UI design. We are a product design agency that takes a product idea from elevator pitch and cocktail napkin sketches and sees it through to user tested, high fidelity, developer-ready UI designs.

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    Formal training and experience in user experience (UX) design

    Our thorough, rigorous, multifaceted, and empathetic approach is informed by studio cofounder Tamara Olson's experience leading a design and research team at Google. Our UX toolkit is expansive. We know and understand the rules. (We also know when to break them.)

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    Brand identity, visual design, and user interface (UI) polish

    In addition to designing intuitive, elegant experience flows, our team's strengths in visual design ensure designs are more than just functional. When designing digital products, we aim to create experiences that extend our clients' brand, are aesthetically beautiful, and are part of a consistent, cohesive, unified visual language.

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    Strategists and designers who understand what's possible

    At Studio Simpatico, we don't view design and development as divided, separate skill sets. All Simpatico employees are both artistic and technical, which means we never burn cycles designing things that aren't technically possible.

User Experience and Project Management TeamBruce and Tamara on couch with computers
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    Friendly, simpatico collaborators

    We're passionate about what we do, but we're also passionate about what you do. We view our clients as collaborators and partners to create the best product possible.

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    An organized, flexible, deadline-oriented team

    Though you'll be dealing directly with the designers and developers working on your project, we're all project management nerds too. We understand that creativity involves constraints, and operate our studio in a way that adheres to process, respects deadlines, and above all else, prioritizes clear and consistent communication.

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