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A redesign of the free nationwide registry that enables gardeners to donate extra surplus to food pantries Hero Image

The beloved original (built in 2009) was a completely custom build that was difficult to update and failed to respond to mobile. The team was looking for an upgraded experience that would work well on mobile devices, adhere to accessibility standards, and leverage a CMS that would allow internal staff to manage pantries with ease.

A new, responsive design featuring organic elements, custom illustrations, modern type, and a touch of whimsy

One of the chief requirements presented at the outset of the project: That the site needed to adapt beautifully for all sizes of devices: desktop, tablet, mobile, and everything in between. The team also emphasized the importance of a high contrast color palette, not only for accessibility and WCAG compliance purposes, but also to ensure that gardeners looking at the site outdoors would be able to see elements clearly. Mobile Mobile Mobile Call to Action

The design team at Simpatico gravitated away from obvious color and type choices, settling instead on a bold modern type stack and primary palette that features blue and yellow. Organic, hand drawn, sketchy accents provide a more organic feel to the site, and whimsical illustrations not only add delight, but also assist users in understanding what does as an organization and the value it provides. Brand Look & Feel Desktop & Mobile Screens Illustration Putting Product in Illustration Producepedia

A powerful and intuitive pantry search user experience, powered by Google Maps

Both gardeners and hungry families use the same powerful pantry search experience, in which they can search by any criteria (landmark, city, state, zip code, and more), and filter pantries by open dates and times. The integration with the Google Maps Street View feature also allows users to see an image of the pantry, allowing them to easily identify the correct building. The newly designed pantry detail page features an abundance of content for gardeners, including the ability to share information about their donation or find and connect with their local Cooperative Extension. Find a Pantry Page Pantry Detail Information UI

A robust pantry registration system and custom back-end that leverages Advanced Custom Fields

Prior to the new site,’s pantry manager struggled to make updates in the custom built system.  The new build dramatically improves the ease of both registering new pantries and updating existing ones. Our development team leveraged WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields to create a back-end system that makes updating, approving, or rejecting pantries a breeze. The custom build includes plenty of validation checks to ensure receives quality data from pantries, including a check for duplicate pantries (a problem in the previous build). When a pantry registers, the system automatically notifies the appropriate Feeding America food bank and hunger program in a faith community when one of their member pantries registers. Pantry Listings CMS

Full migration from old to new, thanks to a custom built import/export tool built by Simpatico

A key aspect of this project would be a successful migration of the existing 8,000+ pantries’ usernames, passwords, and data. During our discovery and infrastructure planning phase, we made a significant change to the schema: rather than assigning a username and password to the pantry, the new system would assign users to pantries. This would allow multiple people to manage the same pantry, and remove users if they are no longer associated with the pantry. We created a custom solution to allow the team an easy way to import and export all pantry data. Concurrently, worked with generous consultants at Deloitte to use AI to change unstructured data around open times/dates into structured data so users can now filter pantries by open times/dates. Page Builder Modules

Rich content creation tools, including a modular builder to allow the team to build targeted, beautiful landing pages quickly and easily largely relies on Google Ad Grants to drive free advertising to the site. We created a modular builder for the marketing team to be able to build custom landing pages inside WordPress for different campaigns. The builder includes content modules, donation modules (that integrate with Salsa,’s CRM), and more. The custom WordPress theme also includes a blog, press area, and a fun “ProducePedia” tool that helps people understand how to store and prepare different types of food that gardeners donate.

Integration with Salsa CRM software to allow to manage customer data and custom  Google Analytics dimensions

To manage all of the nonprofit organization’s contacts, made the decision to use the Salsa CRM. Simpatico placed forms throughout the site for contact information gathering (newsletter signups, donations, and more), and themed them to seamlessly match the look and feel of the site. Lastly, Simpatico wrote code to support custom Google Analytics dimensions so the nonprofit can obtain even more granular data about user types and location. Donation Forms

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