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read our team’s perspectives on recent projects, design, wordpress, and working with clients, or catch up on our latest news.

Tamara Olson and Sinan Imre
tamara's perspective on...

So Long, 2019: A Year in Review at Studio Simpatico

Warm holiday greetings, everyone! It’s coming up on six years since I dove headfirst in the uncharted waters of self-employment, and three since Sinan and I teamed up to co-found Studio Simpatico. It’s been a nonstop, exciting, dizzying, rich whirlwind of experiences and growth.

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a day in the life

Studio Simpatico team headshotsMeet the team! A series of interviews providing a candid look behind the scenes at how Simpaticos spend their days.

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  • Tamara and Evan looking at a website on the big screen
  • Why We Love WP Engine
    tamara's perspective on...

    Why we recommend WP Engine for hosting

    When you build websites for a living, being asked about hosting providers comes with the territory. How should I select hosting? Do you have any recommendations? Why on earth would I pay more when I can get hosting for $3 a month? The marketing gurus say if you keep encountering the same question from your clients, it’s a good idea to turn it into a blog post. So, without further ado: Why I recommend WP Engine.

  • Studio Simpatico team hold SEO signs
    tamara's perspective on...

    Does Studio Simpatico Offer SEO Services?

    Though we are not an SEO shop, I typically describe us as “SEO aware,” since we do build SEO strategy and tactics into much of our process. In this article, I’ll be breaking down the high level techniques typically used to optimize a website for search, and outlining which are provided (and not provided) by Studio Simpatico as part of a typical website design and development engagement.

  • Tamara Olson working on iMac
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