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Meet your go-to creative agency for branding & visual identity.

Simpatico Team Through Plants
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    We build brand narratives

    We understand that creating a brand involves a lot more than designing a logo, choosing a font stack, or picking arbitrary colors. At Simpatico, we take the time to learn about what makes you unique, and focus on building an entire visual identity to tell that story.

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    We consider brands in application

    We understand that brands don't live in the abstract. When we're creating the foundation of your visual identity, we consider where your brand will live, and design your identity with application in mind.

Bruce Viemeister drawing the WireSecure pigeon logoNate Corey and Amber on Couch
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    Strategic doesn't have to mean inefficient

    We don't need 4 months for an expensive, redundant, painful discovery process to produce deliverables that tell you what you already know. Though it's important that we fully understand you, your goals, and your business, we keep our process lean, efficient, and results-oriented.

  2. 04

    Formally trained visual designers

    This process is informed by our design team's rich experience in branding, packaging, and identity, designing for iconic brands. Our designers are formally trained, not self taught. They know and understand the rules. They also know when (and how) to break them.

Angela Sketching on iPadCorey Donenfeld working on computer
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    Friendly, simpatico collaborators

    We're a brand identity agency that is passionate about what we do, but we're also passionate about what you do. We view our clients as collaborators and partners to create the best product possible.

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    An organized, flexible, deadline-oriented team

    Though you'll be dealing directly with the designers and developers working on your project, we're all project management nerds too. We understand that creativity involves constraints, and operate our studio in a way that adheres to process, respects deadlines, and above all else, prioritizes clear and consistent communication.

Tamara and Bruce

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