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adjective | \sim-ˈpä-ti-ˌkō, -ˈpa-\
  1. 1 (of a person) likeable and easy to get on with
  2. 2 having or characterized by shared attributes or interests; compatible ‘a simpatico relationship’
Simpatico Team Waving

about us

We're a boutique team: a full-time group of ten designers and developers. We love building editorial platforms, marketing websites, and websites for nonprofit organizations. We also love taking on branding and visual identity engagements, as well as UX/UI projects. Seven out of ten of us are based in New York City, but we work with clients all over the country.

get in touch

  • Check out our Studio & Services FAQs for information about working with us. If you have an RFP to share, please send to [email protected]. Looking to join our team? Head over to Simpatico Careers.