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we are a WordPress firm specializing in WordPress maintenance services, offering a variety of WordPress maintenance packages

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    WordPress Experts

    We've been doing custom WordPress development (working with the world's most popular content management system) for over a decade. We build sites exclusively in WordPress. What that means for you? We're up on the latest tools, we follow best practices, and we won't be learning these things on your dime.

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    A love for thoughtful CMS architecture and modular design

    We aren't just designing for your customers - we're designing for you. We leverage our UX superpowers during the first stage of every project to understand your content requirements, and architect a CMS that will work for you and your unique business and content creation needs.

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    In-house developers who are trained in design

    We receive a lot of positive feedback about the precision and fidelity of our design implementation. The Simpatico team is comprised of in-house, full-time WordPress developers who are trained in design, care about the details, and are committed to getting it right.

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    Clean code, no bloated themes

    Our custom WordPress development involves building WordPress themes from scratch. What keeps us up at night? Sites band-aided together, built with 47 plugins, that have devolved into Divi soup. We're passionate about pristine, semantic code, accessibility, and thoughtful, future-proofed solutions.

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    Top of the line project management

    Simpatico's full-time project manager (based here in NYC) ensures that your requests are quickly triaged to our development team. We use Basecamp and Airtable to ensure nothing falls between the cracks. Our Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plans even include direct access via a Slack shared channel.

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    Flexible retainer plan offerings

    We offer a wide variety of maintenance plans for all types of clients, from our Bronze plan (1 hour/month, and includes maintaining your code repo and keeping your WordPress install up to date), all the way up to Diamond plans (over 150 hours/month). Retainer hours can be used for any service, from design collateral to WordPress development or maintenance.

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