So your shiny new website is built, ready to launch, and then you start to wonder, “Will I have to fix all the website problems myself from now on?” Fear not, because website development is an ongoing process and we won’t leave you in the lurch once the scope of your project is complete. Studio Simpatico offers several options for website maintenance plans that fit your needs. We believe websites are never done, and so our flexible retainer plans can be used for either design or development support (or a combination of both).

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What are your maintenance plan levels?

We realize that you might not need a whole lot of support, but may want the flexibility of keeping us around in case anything happens with your website. That’s why Simpatico offers 5 levels of maintenance plans (Bronze through Diamond).

The most basic level is our bronze package, which includes monthly WordPress core and plugin updates, a dedicated version control repository (Beanstalk), and access to a dedicated Basecamp project to request additional support (beyond 1 hr/ month).

The silver package includes the bronze plan plus reserved hours of support for new requests or features (design or development).

With our gold package, you receive everything from the silver plan, with the addition of a dedicated Slack channel with our Simpatico project manager during business hours.

Our platinum package includes the gold plan features plus a weekly 30-minute check-in meeting with our Simpatico project manager to align on deliverables and create a prioritization schedule for tasks.

Our highest tier, the diamond package, includes everything from the platinum package, with the addition of a guaranteed turnaround time of 2 business days on requested design collateral.

Their transparent and communicative team is their best attribute. They’re great partners to work with because they’re responsive and swift. In addition, their design resources are wonderful because they commit to getting exactly what we want.
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Do you maintain WordPress sites that you didn’t build?

It all depends. We only agree to take on sites that are built with technologies that our team is comfortable with to ensure we’re able to update and maintain your website efficiently. Before signing on to a maintenance plan with a website we didn’t build, we would require a code audit to ensure that the site would be something we could provide support for.

Feeling simpatico with us and our maintenance plans? Get in touch! We’d love to discuss your unique needs for a plan and would be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.