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Grasshopper Bank

A marketing website and debit card design for the newly launched national bank

Grasshopper Logo & UI Phone

In 2022, Grasshopper Bank relaunched its business with a new CEO and new core tech platform. Studio Simpatico was chosen to partner with the marketing team to design and build a website that reflects the company’s new focus and messaging.

Grasshopper Desktop and Mobile Screens
Grasshopper Mobile Screen 01Grasshopper Mobile Screen 02Grasshopper Mobile Screen 03

Targeted Landing Pages Constructed Via a Modular Design System

With several new lines of business launching (all targeting the business and innovation economy), the new Grasshopper Bank looked to promote myriad products and offerings to a variety of audiences. The website needed a way to tell different stories to these audiences, which include: fintech startups that want to offer a financial services product to white label or embedded finance; the VCs who work with those fintechs; customers looking for yacht leasing or commercial real estate financing; or startups and small businesses looking for digital checking accounts. As a solution, Simpatico created an atomic design system of content modules to be used to create targeted landing pages for any product or use case.

Grasshopper Brand Elements Design Screens
Grasshopper Brand Typography & Color
Grasshopper Modular Page Builder Pages

Dynamic Screenshots and Animations to Tell Consumer Stories

Grasshopper uses a software stack that includes Narmi for digital account opening and supporting mobile, AutoBooks to let businesses invoice customers and have the funds deposited directly to their accounts, Treasury Prime to help fintechs build a Banking as a Service (BaaS) layer, Hummingbird for compliance, and Alloy for identification authentication. We worked with their marketing team to identify the value propositions and any “magic moments” within these interfaces to incorporate into the imagery of the marketing site. These are shown alongside lifestyle photography images to tell a compelling story and balance the product offerings with the people they benefit.

Grasshopper Iconography Set

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