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Silver Mirror

A new digital customer experience to support the expansion of the wildly popular national facial bar brand

Silver Mirror Hero

We partnered with Silver Mirror CEO Matt Maroone and Creative Director Allis Chang to reimagine and rebuild the popular facial bar's entire end-to-end digital experience, including the WordPress marketing website, the customer booking flow, customer quizzes, and more.

Designing an improved booking flow for booking services

When the Silver Mirror team came to us, their website’s online booking experience was lacking; customers were struggling to find and book the types of facials they wanted due to an inefficient and confusing user experience. The Silver Mirror team was seeing an increase in abandoned carts, and they knew something needed to change.

We began our engagement with an in depth discovery session to get to the bottom of why their existing UX was failing. From there, our design team produced detailed wireframes of the user flow – making sure to prioritize mobile, since that’s how the majority of Silver Mirror customers book. We implemented booking and shopping UX patterns that are familiar to customers in order to create a simplified flow for users to browse offerings and add them to their carts. Throughout the process, our team worked closely with Silver Mirror’s engineers and the Boulevard support team to understand any of the API’s limitations and resulting technical constraints.

Our visual design team applied the Silver Mirror brand to the new flow, ensuring the UI stayed clean, streamlined, and functional, while reinvigorating the look and feel. And of course, we sprinkled in some microinteractions and moments of delight to make the experience fun and in keeping with the Silver Mirror brand experience.

We delivered final, pixel-perfect HTML/CSS to the Silver Mirror engineering team, who completed the integration with Boulevard. And with that, SIlver Mirror customers now have a new booking experience that’s fresh and easy to use!

Silver Mirror Facial Booking Flow Screens

Designing a client-friendly account portal

Once the booking flow was complete, we continued streamlining the Silver Mirror customer experience by extending the elements of the booking UI into the client portal. The client portal is the natural sibling of the booking flow; a place for existing customers to manage their appointments, memberships, and see their past purchases and appointments.

Similarly to the booking flow, we created detailed wireframes of the user flow, and applied the Silver Mirror brand to the visual designs, then delivered final HTML/CSS to the Silver Mirror development team, who completed the integration.

Silver Mirror Membership Screens

Reimagining the marketing site

The redesign of the booking flow and client portal was so successful that Silver Mirror continued our partnership with a new scope of work: to redesign and rebuild the entire front-facing Silver Mirror website, all on WordPress. The company was positioned for dramatic growth over the coming months, with new locations opening in New York City, Miami, and Washington, D.C., and they needed their website to be able to keep up with their growing success and potential future growth down the line – and to reflect their brand accurately.

Our design team was up to the challenge. We defined a new web style guide, including typography, aiming for a look and feel that is seamless with the in-store brand experience, but more elevated than their existing website and social media assets.

Silver Mirror Brand Color Palette and Typography

A site to showcase Silver Mirror’s story, services, and locations, all the while driving customers to buy

The new and improved Silver Mirror website features amazing photography by Silver Mirror’s in-house creative director Allis Chang, further creating a unique, elevated look and feel. The design of the site features the service menu, information about memberships, location pages that are optimized for paid and organic search, a blog, information about Silver Mirror’s charity contributions, and more.

The website is designed as a set of modules that can be seamlessly used by the Silver Mirror marketing team to easily and quickly construct landing pages to support paid and organic campaigns, which gives them agility in the ever-changing world of marketing and gives the site longevity and adaptability. Most of the traffic to the Silver Mirror website is mobile, so our designers and developers also paid special attention to make sure the site looked exceptional and performed flawlessly on every screen width and device type. Anyone can now smoothly access and book a service on the new Silver Mirror website, whether on the go or sitting at home.

Silver Mirror Desktop and Mobile Screens
Silver Mirror Mobile ScreenSilver Mirror Mobile ScreenSilver Mirror Mobile Screen
Silver Mirror UI Elements

Custom, on-brand iconography

The new website includes custom line art illustrated icons that add personality to the clean, sophisticated user experience. Using these custom icons, we were able to breathe life into and add dynamism to dry concepts like descriptions of skin conditions (no pun intended).

“We are grateful for the trust that the Silver Mirror team placed in us, which enabled us to create new icons that better align with the brand and bring the fun illustrative idea of the quizzes to life.” says our designer and illustrator Angela Huang, who was the design lead and illustrator for this project.

Silver Mirror Iconography and Oxygen Treatment Popout
Silver Mirror Services Desktop Page
Silver Mirror Skincare Regimen Quiz

Interactive quizzes to engage customers

Lastly, the Silver Mirror team wanted to further enhance the customer experience by building two fun, useful quizzes. One would help customers determine the right Silver Mirror facial for their skin type, and the other would help them find the right products for a comprehensive skin care regimen.

We worked closely with Silver Mirror’s COO and skincare guru Rachael Gallo during several deep dive sessions to understand the complicated logic of how her team of estheticians determine the right services and products. We translated what we learned into the quiz flow, which finishes with a personalized results screen that encourages users to book a service or shop the online store. The quiz is complemented with custom illustrations to add delight and whimsy to the quiz experience and to tie in with the marketing site as a whole.

Silver Mirror Regimen Results Screens

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