Why do you love Sketch so much? (Developer Edition)

By Team Simpatico on February 20, 2018

Since last October when we published Why We Love Sketch, we’ve gotten several inquiries from our developer friends why they specifically should love Sketch. Never ones to shy away from an opportunity to evangelize, we are proud to bring you part 2: Six reasons why your developer will love Sketch.

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How do the design tools you use affect your deliverables?

By Sinan Imre on January 25, 2018

  When writing about the tools of Web and UI design, it makes total sense to start with a 14th century analogy, right? Bear with me… Up until the early 14th century, painters used a type of paint called tempera. Tempera is an egg based paint that was easy to produce at the time, making… Read more »

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How do you approach product design?

By Tamara Olson on December 4, 2017

In Art class, my Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Cooperson had us follow a simple and methodical approach to creating drawings: Lock down an idea. Create a pencil sketch. Draw over it in pen. Choose some crayons. Color. Voila! Ready for fridge prime time. By requiring teacher sign-off before allowing us to proceed to the next step,… Read more »

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