Amber Weinberg

Amber wrote

Why don’t you support IE?

IE11 has been the last of the old outdated browsers that won’t die. While IE11 was way better in terms of web standards, supporting Flexbox and a few other “newish” CSS standards, it still lagged behind the rest of the web and didn’t offer automatic updates with support for things like CSS Grid or clip-path…. Read more »

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Tamara Olson

Tamara wrote

How does WP Engine’s legacy staging environment work?

We couldn’t be more excited to share another post to rave about another one of WP Engine’s beloved features. (In case you missed it: Why we recommend WPengine) This time, we’re here to talk about how the Legacy Staging feature and functionality work. First things first: Every hosted, functional version of WordPress consists of both… Read more »

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