Headwaters Foundation

Headwaters is a conservation organization based in the great state of Montana (where two of our Simpaticans lived). Their mission is to get out of the way of local organizations and get them the money they need on the ground to do philanthropic work that matters. Simpatico was hired by our long term partner Six Pony Hitch to bring their beautiful designs for the Headwaters Foundation’s new website to life using WordPress.

Launch Website

The Challenge

Unfortunately for everybody, conservation is not very sexy. The landscape of non-profit digital design is not nearly as compelling as the real communities which Headwaters Montana seeks to protect. Our challenge was to fix that and present an ultra-polished site to the world that would get people excited about their mission while driving engagement, sign-ups and donations.

The Solution

We worked with local Montana design group Six Pony Hitch to build a website that draws the viewers in with an absolute flood of surprise and delights. This site is especially narrative-driven (we encourage you to scroll through the homepage yourself). So we used carefully crafted, well-timed CSS animations to add flourish and visual punctuation to that story. The final challenge was making this beautifully-crafted site responsive; after all, our target audience likely isn’t out on the hiking trails of Montana with a laptop. It always feels good to help out the good guys, and this project was no exception.

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