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Onera Inc

Building a new website for the San Francisco startup positioned to harness AI to power the modern supply chain

Onera Website Screenshots

Onera's solutions were attracting a new base and caliber of clientele. The marketing team knew that the rising company needed a visual identity and marketing website to rise to the level of the company's success: one that could communicate Onera's value with a high degree of polish. The Simpatico team partnered closely with Onera to take their branding and website to a new level.

The Challenge

Onera came to us with a logo and a website that they were reluctant to show potential customers. They were in search of a web design and development partner who could create a new, modern marketing website to communicate the value propositions of their products.

Onera Brand Patterns

The Solution

Onera is a technology solutions provider that develops state-of-the-art algorithms to help some of the largest businesses solve real-time optimization problems. From the beginning of the engagement, we identified how vital it would be that Onera’s website visually communicate their technical sophistication to prospective clients. Consequently, we knew that the new site would need to feel techy, cutting edge, and sophisticated.

Onera website on mobileOnera website on mobileOnera website on mobile

A bold identity for Onera

We began our design exploration with the existing logomark: a geometric box, a nod to their overall offering of retail fulfillment. Our creative exploration led us to extending the box into its silhouette: a hexagon. The site’s product pages, which each share the stories and value props of each of Onera’s custom built product offerings, feature hexagons in dynamic CSS animations that visualize the different solutions in an abstract, branded way. The site also features a bold, high contrast, purple and gold color palette, which reflects Onera’s direct, honest, confident (but never cocky) tone and voice.

Onera website screenshots
Onera Iconography
We found it necessary to create a visual pattern that would help the user grasp this relationship between Onera’s platform and products, as well as each product’s unique set of features.
Sinan Imre Sinan Imre CoFounder & Creative Director

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