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Muscle & Fitness

A redesign to reflect the brand and website shift toward lifestyle-driven content

Muscle and Fitness Athlete at the Gym

The editorial team at the storied brand Muscle & Fitness was planning a dramatic shift to M&F, moving away from its bodybuilding roots toward more lifestyle-driven content. We partnered with their team to create a new design to capture this shift.

Muscle and Fitness Website Screenshots

The Challenge

In addition to seeking aesthetic improvements, the Editorial team was looking to make a substantial shift in the tone of the publication, moving away from bodybuilding news and tips toward a more holistic lifestyle and fitness brand. They were also looking to create new ad products that would appeal to modern advertisers.

A Simpatico Approach

We began with an extensive Discovery process that included interviews with Editorial, Product, Marketing, and Sales teams, a deep dive into the existing Google Analytics data, and an audit of the existing site’s CMS and templates. Based on our findings, we started the design process by presenting several homepage directions to the team. Over the course of the next two months, we worked closely with the team to design ad products and fully responsive designs to hand off to the internal development team.

Muscle and Fitness Website Screenshots
Muscle and Fitness Mobile 01Muscle and Fitness Mobile 02Muscle and Fitness Mobile 03

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