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about the studio

A 100% woman-owned, 100% US-based WordPress design agency

Where your money goes when you hire Simpatico

WordPress Web Design Team
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    We don't cut corners through outsourcing ...

    Our ten team members are full-time W2 employees who all live in the US. If we subcontract work, it's for specific, discrete projects outside of the service lines advertised on our website.

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    ... or skimping on important benefits.

    Your dollars pay our employees' salaries (commensurate with agency industry standards), our payroll taxes, health benefits (medical, dental, vision), disability insurance, student loan reimbursement, and 401(k) match.

Corey and Nate Brainstorming
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    Our north star is sustainability ...

    We love what we do, working with great clients, treating each other with kindness, and working at a pace that feels sustainable. We've grown from a team of one (2014), healthily and sustainably to a team of ten (2024) as more clients have trusted us with their brands.

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    ... not squeezing profits.

    We reject the popular strategy of squeezing profits for shareholders at the expense of our team's well-being. We've never taken outside investment. We invest back in our people and toolkit.

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    The result? We show up with our "A" game ...

    The result of having employees who are well taken care of? They show up with the energy, health, creativity, positivity, and motivation to do their absolute best work for our incredible clients, who deserve nothing less.

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    ... and we aren't forced to cut corners on work product quality.

    We work hard on things you see and things you don't see. We're not fans of "custom" sites that are secretly built on premade templates. We ensure there's enough time to build our sites and do our work the right way. When everyone's scrambling, the work suffers.

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