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A brand, website, product UX/UI, and front-end code for a new fin tech company

WireSecure Photo and Logomark

WireSecure is a newly established fin tech company with solutions that eliminate the risks of wire fraud globally. They needed a partner to work closely with their team to design an intentional, well-formed visual identity; build a marketing website to communicate their product offerings; design an elegant UX/UI for their product; and deliver semantic, responsive front-end code for their engineering team.

WireSecure Logo
Bruce Viemeister drawing the WireSecure pigeon logo

Creating a representative visual identity

Our creative team began our collaboration with a discovery session with the WireSecure team to learn more about their business, users, products, and problems they were aiming to solve. During the creative ideation that followed, our team proposed the concept of the carrier pigeon as a guiding visual element in the new brand identity: a symbol that communicates the important task of effectively transmitting vital information.

WireSecure pigeonWireSecure logo sketches
WireSecure Brand Palette
WireSecure letterhead and business cardsWireSecure Tshirt

A marketing website to tell the WireSecure story

Once the visual identity was finalized, we outlined, designed, and built a marketing website to message the products’ unique value propositions and product story. The site narrative explains the problem (in the US alone, billions of fraudulent losses have been incurred by participants in M&A and real estate transactions, customers of financial institutions, investors, and other high value targets), and positions WireSecure’s product offerings as the solution. The website integrates with HubSpot so inquiries seamlessly feed into the organization’s sales and marketing funnels.

WireSecure Website on Mobile DeviceWireSecure Website on Mobile DeviceWireSecure Website on Mobile Device
WireSecure Website Screens

Designing an intuitive, elegant user experience and UI kit for the WireSecure product

Following the success of the site launch, the WireSecure team returned to enlist Simpatico’s help once more to design their actual product UX/UI. During the UX phase, we conducted several deep dive session to understand all product requirements and nuances. We documented our proposed user flows, and from those, created wireframes to communicate the architecture of each screen and each type of user’s experience. When the flows and screens were finalized, we extended the visual identity to create high-fidelity UI designs. Lastly, to make integration as seamless as possible, we provided semantic, responsive HTML and CSS code (available in a Git repository) to their engineering team as our final deliverable.

WireSecure UI Elements

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