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Qüero Shoes

A brand and e-commerce website for the D2C shoe brand

Quero Shoes Logo and Shoes

In late 2014, we were approached by Qüero founders Randy and Monica Shuken. They were looking for a partner to imagine a brand to communicate the company’s value proposition (that the shoes are made by authentic Spanish artisans), and a technology solution that would allow users to customize their own pair of shoes.

Quero Shoes website on mobile phone

The look and feel of the Qüero logo and brand was strongly driven by the company’s commitment to an “old way of making shoes.” Built on WordPress and WooCommerce, the site used native Woo infrastructure with a custom plugin (built by Studio Simpatico) to integrate the site with the “shoe customizer” software, built especially for Qüero by the Spanish company Inescop. The theme also included integrations with MailChimp and Instagram.

Quero Shoes invitation
Quero Shoes shoeQuero Shoes storefront
Quero Shoes website screenshot

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