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A new visual identity and website for the cybersecurity solutions company

Praetorian Photo and Logomark

Praetorian is a successful, full-service cybersecurity solutions company whose mission is to make the digital world safer and more secure. Their marketing team came to us looking for a new company logo and look (typography, colors, iconography, photography) to reflect their solid core messaging. We partnered closely with key stakeholders to create a style guide and full marketing presence.

Praetorian Logo Design

the challenge

Praetorian’s clients include many of the biggest and most advanced organizations in the world. The company has a strong vision and mission, and operates with an unwavering set of core values. When they approached us, they were in the midst of several exciting initiatives, including pivoting from a pure consulting services model to a solutions company, preparing to introduce a SaaS platform. They came to us looking to reinvent how they represent themselves in the market.

Person in Maze
Sinan and Amber Critiquing Logo OptionsPraetorian Maze Pattern
Praetorian Full Logo and Color Palette

our solution

Praetorian had received some feedback that their current brand identity was too masculine and military oriented. With the new identity, they wanted to ensure they be perceived as highly competent, authentic, and without arrogance; clients find them to be a delight to work with because they always go above and beyond, consistently demonstrating genuine care for their clients. Our final logo incorporates a “P,” but the shape is also a maze: a nod to Praetorian’s strong team of problem solvers.

Praetorian Business Card DesignPraetorian Name Tag Design
Praetorian Mobile HomepagePraetorian Mobile Challenges PagePraetorian Mobile Blog Post

Once the logo and color palette had been finalized, we outlined, designed, and built a marketing website to message the products’ unique value propositions and product story. The website includes SEO-optimized landing pages for all of Praetorian’s services offerings and client industries, as well as pages that tell the Chariot (the company’s SaaS platform) product story, the company culture and open careers, and the inner workings of Praetorian Labs. The site also supports a rich blog and resources center, and integrations with Pardot marketing automation software and Greenhouse HR platform.

Various Praetorian Screen Designs
Praetorian Icon Family
We are seeing a quantifiable, material, and direct translation from Simpatico's work to Praetorian's revenue. We highly recommend Studio Simpatico!
Nathan Sportsman Nathan Sportsman Chief Executive Officer

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