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A new website for the go-to platform connecting legal teams with the pro bono community

Paladin Logo and Design Elements

Paladin's mission is to increase access to justice by helping legal teams run more efficient pro bono programs. They came to Simpatico looking for a firm to help them extend their new visual identity to a beautiful new marketing website designed to entice potential clients and partners to request a demo.

A website to target two distinct audiences

During our discovery kickoff deep dive, the Simpatico learned that Paladin’s audience is comprised of two groups: potential clients (either law firms or in-house legal teams) and legal service organizations. Prior to our engagement, the team had received ongoing feedback that the current site was not effectively explaining the platform’s efficacy to either audience. The new site would need to tell this story, both through visuals and succinct copy, effectively to both groups and encourage them to convert.

Paladin Desktop and Mobile Screen Designs
Paladin UI ElementsPaladin Mobile Email and UI Elements

Extending the new brand and allowing the product’s interface to shine

Prior to Simpatico’s involvement, Paladin had recently completed a brand refresh featuring a bold, cool color palette, geometric shapes, and modern typography. The Simpatico design team created a web design language based on these foundational styles. In addition, we worked closely with the sales team to understand the chief selling points of the platform (i.e. what was resonating with prospective customers during sales calls), and worked with the product design team to create abstracted product UI screenshots and animations to highlight these “magic moments.”

Paladin UI Collage
Paladin Mobile ScreenPaladin Mobile ScreenPaladin Mobile Screen

Audience-specific landing pages and rich content creation tools

Using an atomic design approach, we designed storytelling modules that can be used to build new pages using the WordPress admin interface. This allowed the marketing team to assemble audience specific landing pages for in-house legal teams, law firms, legal service organizations, and bar associations. We also designed and built rich storytelling tools to allow the Paladin team to publish both thought leadership blog posts and client case studies, full of quantitative and qualitative data about the platform’s value.

Paladin Desktop Screens
Paladin Typography and Color SamplePaladin Image Collage and Avatars

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