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Nace Partners

A marketing website to tell the story of Nace Partners, one of New York City's top specialty recruiting firms

Nace Partners Logo and Watermarks

Using a human-first, consultative approach, Nace Partners works with companies to scale their engineering and product organizations. We worked with founder Chris Nace and his marketing team to build on the company's existing visual identity and extend it to a new website (built on WordPress) to tell the Nace Partners story.

Nace Partners Brand Colors and TypographyNace Partners Photography

An updated visual identity for the search firm

At the outset of the engagement, we were energized by the existing identity—in particular the logo, which nods to the flexibility required in building successful teams and filling open roles. During our deep dive discovery sessions with Chris and the team, we identified the attributes that make Nace stand out from its competition: thoughtful, transparent, human first, attentive, premium/concierge-like, high touch, and delightful. Both the new identity’s bold serif and color palette give the brand and visual language a newfound elevated, premium feel.

Nace Partners Desktop and Mobile Screens

A website to tell the Nace story

Early on, we established that photography would play a substantial role in the firm’s visual storytelling. Nace Partners is, after all, a firm about people helping people. Our partner Kelly Williams, Photographer engaged Nace Partners in a photoshoot, providing us with human-first photography to elevate the brand that takes center stage on the new website.

Built on WordPress, the website features a crisp, responsive design that communicates more information about Nace Partners to its target audiences (founders, VCs, hiring managers, HR departments, and product and engineering talent). Dynamic landing pages share stories to help the user understand more about Nace Partners’ services, work, philosophy, how the firm works with talent, and the team.

Nace Partners UI Elements and Screens
Nace Partners Mobile ScreenNace Partners Mobile ScreenNace Partners Mobile Screen

Extending the identity to a variety of collateral

Once we completed the work of codifying the visual identity into a style guide, we helped Nace Partners create a variety of on-brand sales and marketing collateral. The included business cards, a Google Slides deck template, ActiveCampaign email templates, and more.

Nace Partners Business Card DesignNace Partners Collateral Design
Nace Partners Google Slide Template
Nace Partners Brand Guide

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