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Ellenoff, Grossman, & Schole

A new website for the NYC law firm

EGS logo and hero

Ellenoff Grossman & Schole was seeking a design partner to revamp their WordPress marketing site. Though they had a good search and paid advertising funnel in place, they wanted help creating an aesthetic to reflect a more upscale, polished design to communicate the high quality of service they offer to their current and prospective clientele.

EGS LLP homepage screenshot

By the time we began visual design, we knew that the website had to communicate the experience and quality of service that Ellenoff Grossman & Schole boasts. We also saw an opportunity to bring an element of polish to an industry that has seldom relied on web design and UX for its business. To visually describe an attentive and agile, yet professional and experienced service, we began looking at real-world elements one might find in a legal office that shares the same qualities. Materials such as black marble and impressive, commercial architecture emerged as elements and textures that served as the foundation for the the brand. To offset the rigidity of these elements, we derived organic shapes from the letterforms of the EGS logo. We ultimately selected Playfair Display for the headings; a Transitional typeface with elegant letterforms on a vertical and stable axis. For paragraphs, we opted to pair Playfair Display with Open Sans for its humanist elements and increased legibility, and on-screen readability.

from the client "We have worked with Studio Simpatico on two separate projects. They are creative, easy to work with, and diligent."
Douglas Ellenoff Douglas Ellenoff Partner

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