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A new website and virtual primary care microsite for a recently rebranded revolutionary healthcare company

Centivo Hero and Logo Image

Centivo approached us to extend their new brand identity into a comprehensive marketing website, including a microsite for their virtual primary care platform. We worked together with their team to make sure the new site communicates clearly and telegraphs Centivo’s value propositions, and we also extended the brand by creating custom iconography.

An eye-catching new look for a game-changing healthcare company

Centivo’s mission is all about solving the problem of our broken healthcare system. When we began working with them, they had just undergone a rebrand, emerging from the process with Langrand studio with a bold new look that more closely reflects the audacity of their goals. We took the design baton, armed with a gorgeous new color palette and friendly, quirky type, and ran with it, applying the new look to the brand-new Centivo website.

Centivo Desktop and Mobile Page Designs

Intuitively organizing and communicating Centivo’s values

We took a deep dive into the site requirements with the Centivo team, and came out with a structure that features audience-based landing pages at its center. Centivo services Employers, Employees, Providers (who accept Centivo coverage), and Brokers (who sell Centivo coverage), and the new site makes sure each audience has a page to zero in on when they visit.

Centivo Audience Landing Pages

Across the site, our challenge was to communicate how Centivo is different, and how they’re solving the universal problem that our healthcare system is broken. This meant surfacing testimonials and statistics in a friendly way, as well as highlighting the company’s value props in a clear and concise manner. The new site is also fully responsive, so users can easily access Centivo’s site no matter their screen size.

Centivo Various User Interface and Design Elements
Centivo Mobile DesignCentivo Mobile DesignCentivo Mobile Design

A new set of expressive custom icons

It was important for the Centivo website to communicate audacity, simplicity, and accessibility, so we knew custom icons were going to be a part of the brand extension for the website. Our illustrator created over 50 unique icons to communicate everything from blood tests to the concept of empathy, giving Centivo the ability to illustrate their words in a way that adds meaning and heart to every value prop.

Centivo Iconography Set
from the client "I actually reached out to Studio Simpatico and asked if I could provide a reference because I was so impressed with their team, their process, and most importantly, their end result. The Studio Simpatico team truly took our creative concepts to the next level, giving our brand even more impact. They were incredibly responsive to all requests and met all our deadlines, even when we made changes along the way. They were also thoughtful about user experience, including ADA compliance, which was important to us. We were continually impressed by their team and highly recommend them to anyone looking for an agency that delivers."
Abbey Yvon VP, Marketing at Centivo

Unifying the brand by incorporating the Virtual Primary Care microsite

Part of Centivo’s offering is their game-changing Virtual Primary Care (VPC), which has its own microsite. Using the same brand identity and styling, we reskinned the VPC site, ensuring that it matched the look and feel of the Centivo main site. One unified brand identity made sense and it was important that the VPC site followed the same themes of Centivo’s bold and different approach to healthcare, since VPC is part of the reason why they are unique.

Centivo VPC Design Pages

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