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Caliber Fitness

A modern identity and marketing website for the hip D2C strength training app

Caliber Fitness Woman on App

Caliber is an app and service that pairs people with strength training coaches. We worked with the founders of Caliber to create a more cohesive look for the brand, and codify this look and feel into a photography and brand style guide. We then created a dynamic website (built on WordPress) to market the app and drive conversions.

Caliber Fitness Website Screenshots

Creating a consistent, cohesive, representative identity

Our creative team worked closely with the Caliber team to understand the service’s offering and desired feel for the brand. The founders knew there was an opportunity to introduce strength training to a new audience. While they wanted the brand to feel accessible (highlighting how strength training is something that can be easily integrated into a busy life), they also wanted to ensure the brand didn’t feel too “lifestyle,” and that the photography still communicated the “grit” and focus required of strength training.

Caliber Fitness Website Mobile ScreenshotCaliber Fitness Website Mobile ScreenshotCaliber Fitness Website Mobile Screenshot

Building a website to inspire and convert

The final site (build on WordPress) uses a bold color palette, strong angles, and highly motivational copy. We also invented the “Caliber Logs”: an editorial feature highlighting real people’s lives and how they mentally and emotionally benefit from strength training (a more human option than the traditional, stark before/after body photos). Following the site’s successful launch, the Caliber team enlisted Simpatico’s help on additional search engine optimized landing pages and UI elements for the mobile application.

Caliber Color PaletteCaliber Iconography Set
Caliber Fitness Case Study
Caliber Fitness UI Elements

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