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we are a creative agency specializing in WordPress website design and development that works with clients in Missoula, Montana

WordPress Web Design Team
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    A tried and true website design process

    We begin every project with a discovery process designed to get to know you): learning about your business and goals, understanding and empathizing with your target customers, and thinking big to get the small details right.

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    Formal training and experience

    Our website design process is informed by our team members' rich and complementary backgrounds. Tamara Olson (originally from Great Falls, Montana, now in Missoula) worked at and led a design and research team at Google prior to starting Simpatico.

Bruce and Tamara BrainstormingCorey and Nate Brainstorming
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    Custom WordPress websites

    We use WordPress as a CMS, but we develop custom themes (often with a modular design system), which frees us to design a website that is simpatico with your brand and business, but easy to maintain and update.

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    Design and development experts

    Our designers understand code, and our developers are trained in design. Our collaborative team knows how to work as efficiently as possible to make sure your website matches your brand's tone.

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    Friendly, simpatico collaborators

    We're passionate about what we do, but we're also passionate about what you do. We view our clients as collaborators and partners to create the best product possible.

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    An organized team with exquisite project management skills

    You'll be dealing directly with the designers and developers working on your project. We're all project management nerds, and understand that creativity involves constraints. We run our studio in a way that adheres to process, respects deadlines, and above all else, prioritizes clear and consistent communication.

Studio Simpatico Cofounder Tamara Olson

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