Throughline Group

Studio Simpatico was hired by Throughline Group to lead the company’s naming, branding, and e-commerce website design and development leading up to launch.

Launch Website

The Challenge

Brad Phillips (a.k.a. Mr. Media Training) was looking for a boutique shop to serve as a branding, design, and development partner for the launch of his new media training and communications consultancy. His new endeavor would offer both custom workshops (as Phillips Media Relations had) as well as open enrollment courses in both public speaking and media training. The online presence needed to serve as an e-commerce portal through which the general public could purchase tickets.

Studio Simpatico worked with the Throughline team for nearly a year on a robust engagement that included naming, visual identity, all design collateral, and the development of a marketing and e-commerce online presence.

A name to capture Throughline’s unique vision and values

While our clients know their business values best, it is our job to properly and accurately articulate these values in both visual and written form. In the case of Throughline, we were lucky enough to be part of this process at the very beginning before the business even had its name.

Our primary task was to articulate Throughline’s values, as the right name would only emerge through a full understanding of them. After reading Brad’s written materials, conducting interviews with him, deep diving into his coaching process and closely examining competitors to identify what set Throughline apart, we consolidated all of Throughline’s attributes into three overarching value propositions.



Ongoing Support
“We don’t disappear overnight — the nature of our partnerships with our clients is complementary, not transactional.”

“Even our group sessions are about half the size of the competition’s, meaning more personalized attention and deeper feedback.”

True Specialists
Our courses are highly specific and proven to deliver results. Our impact is concentrated.”



In collaboration with Brad, we brainstormed names for the business that captured these value propositions as well as the transformative effect that Brad’s courses often have on his clients.. A few of the finalists included Flow Sessions, Chrysalis, and Sesame.

We ultimately landed on Throughline — a name that evokes a sense of continuity, consistency, and unity.

A visual identity to communicate the unique values and vision of Throughline

Having finalized the name for the company, we began sketching logomarks that would be equally successful in capturing Throughline’s values and personality. For obvious association with the name, the motif of a continuous thread was central to many of our early drafts.

The final logo was born out of a desire for simplicity and recognizability. We started out with Freight Sans Bold, finding its humanist form and wide apertures to be warm, approachable, and visually substantial. Instead of adding elements to the Throughline wordmark, we began modifying the straighter letterforms like the ‘l’, ‘i’, or the ascender on the ‘h’ to add a recognizable element that represented the idea of an extending line.

Simpatico extended this identity to a myriad of marketing assets: business cards, content rich white papers, class binders, and more.

An atomic approach to development to make future content creation a breeze

Our designers worked collaboratively with Brad to apply the Throughline visual language to all page designs. Though we carefully designed the entire site experience, the site development followed a more modular and atomic approach (using WordPress and the Advanced Custom Fields Flexible Content Builder). This approach ensured that Brad and Christina would not be limited in the future by static page designs; conversely, they would have the power going forward to ‘design’ landing pages in the future.

A full e-commerce solution, integrated with HubSpot

A critical component of the business involves being able to sell tickets to Throughline’s public speaking and media training classes. We used the Events Calendar Pro and Events Tickets Plus plugins (by Modern Tribe). Both integrate with WooCommerce (and by extension, PayPal’s payment gateway) in order to provide a robust set of tools to manage available classes and sell tickets. The e-commerce tools also fully integrate with HubSpot, giving Brad and the Throughline team the ability to manage inbound leads with ease.

Developers who understand SEO

Search engine optimization plays a substantial tactic in Throughline’s larger marketing strategy. Consequently, it was critical that Throughline hire an agency with considerable experience and expertise with search. At the time of this writing, Simpatico sits as the #1 result for “WordPress agency NYC” — so we understood how important it was that Brad not lose any of his “search juice” when we switched from the existing brands and sites (Mr. Media Training and Phillips Media Relations) to Throughline. Since the migration/launch, Throughline’s ranking for target keywords has increased substantially.

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