Hodara Real Estate

Logo Design, Visual Identity, Web Design and Front-End Development, WordPress Website

Hodara Real Estate Group

Studio Simpatico worked with Alex Hodara of Hodara Real Estate Group to build a sleek, modern company identity and dynamic one-page WordPress marketing website.


Alex Hodara came to us looking for a new brand and website to represent his innovative, ahead-of-the curve real estate development company that would show investors his previous success, impressive portfolio, and innovative approach to development. A tech and VR enthusiast, Alex was interested in the possibility of exploring animation and sleek,
modern visual design to tell his story.

We distilled his story into a few content “buckets” (his company’s values, portfolio, and story), and decided to use a one page site format to show the information. The final product includes a parallax slideshow with rich photography to show company values, along with a dynamic Javascript timeline animation integrated with Google Maps to communicate portfolio growth over time.