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White Star Capital

A new website for one of New York City's top venture capital firms

Whitestar Capital Hero Image

A global venture capital fund and multi-stage technology investment platform, White Star Capital came to Studio Simpatico looking to redesign their firm's online presence.

A visual design system for the Web that builds on White Star Capital’s existing logo and color palette

White Star Capital came to us with a logo, a simple color palette, and a desire for a new website. A chief priority of White Star Capital’s was to ensure the site communicated the global emphasis of the company. The site achieves this through myriad nods to the company’s global presence. Another top goal of the site was to “put the spotlight,” so to speak, on the portfolio companies’ founders. Finally, White Star wanted to ensure that the company showcased its internal team’s experience and personality. We partnered with New York City photographer Kelly Williams to coordinate a photo shoot that yielded photography in line with the creative direction of the new site.

Whitestar Capital Brand Fonts ColorsWhitestar Capital Lifestyle Photo Collage
Whitestar Capital Founder Screens

A custom WordPress theme that affords White Star Capital the ability to promote (and cross-promote) content about their portfolio companies, team members, investing philosophy, and company ethos

The site features a Perspectives page that promotes White Star’s thought leadership pieces (both Medium articles and videos) on industries and geographies, as well as rich essays on their rationale behind investing decisions. It also features a Newsroom that allows White Star Capital to showcase recent news coverage, and allows users to filter by a specific portfolio company.

Whitestar Capital UI Elements
from the client Top notch in terms of both communication and timeliness. I walked away thoroughly impressed with Simpatico's professional caliber. This is a lean and mean team. Throughout the entire process, Simpatico felt like a strongly entrepreneurial team. Everyone was creative, resourceful, and overall committed to delivering very high quality work.
Eddie Lee Eddie Lee Principal, White Star Capital
Whitestar Capital Desktop and Mobile Screens
Whitestar Capital Mobile Screen Team LocationsWhitestar Capital Mobile Screen PerspectivesWhitestar Capital Mobile Screen Companies

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