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A new website for #EngageResponsibly, an ANA initiative to combat online hate speech

Engage Responsibly Hero Image

After our work with SEEHER, Simpatico was thrilled to again partner with the ANA (Association for National Advertisers) to design and build a site for the #EngageResponsibly initiative. Build on WordPress, the site shares the movement's mission statement, and offers a rich library of educational video content for individuals and businesses.

Engage Responsibly Brand Typography and ColorEngage Responsibly Brand Shapes

Extending the visual language created by Pernod Ricard and Ogilvy

To kickoff the project, we reviewed the beautiful visual language and identity guidelines provided to us by the ANA. The bright colors, bubbly shapes, and friendly, modern typography create an overall look that is approachable, inclusive, and positive. The final website’s visual design extends this look and feel with custom drawn, organic shapes and subtle, elegant animations.

Engage Responsibly UI and Screen Elements
Engage Responsibly Desktop and Mobile Screens
Engage Responsibly About Page Brands and Consumers

A site built on WordPress that features an educational resource library

Simpatico created a custom WordPress theme that allows #EngageResponsibly content creators an easy, intuitive way to manage and update content. This includes an online resource center, featuring videos for both individuals and small businesses created by the Brand Safety Institute, as well as additional resources. The resource center leverages the Spotlightr video player for a seamless content consumption experience.

Engage Responsibly Mobile Screen SignaturesEngage Responsibly Mobile Screen VideoEngage Responsibly Mobile Screen Newsroom

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