Prose Hair

The content marketing team at Prose Hair came to Studio Simpatico looking for a partner to design and develop P.S., a fully branded content experience to promote their custom hair care products.

Launch Website

The Challenge

The editorial beauty space is highly saturated. For a beauty brand like Prose, the table stakes are high to have an excellent blog with excellent content. Our challenge? Meet those stakes, and exceed them. The blog would have to safeguard and extend the Prose brand, give their editorial team a robust set of tools to promote their compelling content and captivating photography, and increase their search engine optimization … all the while looking G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S.

The Solution

Enable editorial with a seamless content creation tool

Equipped with a gorgeous style guide (produced by the talented brand designers at Red Antler), Prose came to us requesting a custom designed theme built for WordPress. After being lucky enough to sample their products, we engaged the team in a deep dive brand and requirements session, from which we emerged ready to create high fidelity visual designs in Sketch. Based on the needs of the team, we developed and implemented a hierarchical category tag system in the top nav which helps users orient themselves, re-surfaces evergreen content, and casts a wider SEO net.

Keeping readers’ attention throughout the post

We armed their team with a workbench of new digital tools to tell their story in a more compelling, visually striking way. The WordPress theme supports numerous features, including but not limited to flexible photo galleries, Q&A features, CTAs on demand (via easy to use shortcodes), and more.

Foster a stronger bond with customers

The final touch: In an effort to boost subscriptions to Prose’s newsletter (managed through Iterable), we integrated and styled several signup calls to action throughout the site.

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