We couldn’t be more excited to share another post to rave about another one of WP Engine’s beloved features. (In case you missed it: Why we recommend WPengine)

This time, we’re here to talk about how the Legacy Staging feature and functionality work.

First things first: Every hosted, functional version of WordPress consists of both the code (which includes the theme code, as well as WP core, plugins, etc.) and the database. Generally speaking, theme code controls how page templates and objects are organized whereas the database is where content lives (though that gets murky the more styling is thrown into the back-end of WP/the database).

Out of the box, you have a production site that includes the production code base that is tied to your production database.

But if you’re building and testing things — content, installing plugins, pushing new code — you’re going to want a testing ground.

Enter: WPengine’s amazing functionality that offers us the ability to whip up a staging site with the click of a button. It can be found in your production site’s admin.



When that teal button is clicked, both are cloned:

When the staging environment is done, the URL for that environment can be found inside your WPadmin dashboard (see the screenshot above). If you want to access your admin login to the staging environment, you simply go to stagingurl/wp-admin. (Because remember — there’s an entirely separate admin to your staging site that has no relationship with your production environment.)

Typically at Simpatico when we’re working on WordPress web development projects, because we work on custom themes only, we’re typically only making code updates. Consequently, when we push code changes that we’re testing out on staging (which is often pushed to the staging server from our repository on Github or Beanstalk) — we can do so without disrupting any production data. Translation? We can push code we’ve been working on without disrupting blog posts that were created moments ago.

Questions, or even better, other workflows that you’ve tested/tried/love? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at hello@studiosimpati.co.