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Sarah Cooper

A new website for the rising comedienne

Sarah Cooper Website Screenshots

Studio Simpatico worked with Sarah Cooper to design a full personal brand website. Our immersive engagement included building a new brand identity, web design, and fully functional WordPress responsive website.

Sarah Cooper Website Screenshots


Sarah Cooper, a self-declared trash talker, is a former Googler-turned-writer, comedian, and speaker. She’s the voice and doodler behind The Cooper Review, a satirical online publication about the corporate environment, that attracts over 100,000 readers a month. Turning quips to novels, Sarah’s published several books on the subject matter and is currently working on her latest. In a recent collaboration, she’s joined a team of writers to help complete a musical.

Sarah has become a leading voice in a no-nonsense culture. With the amassed popularity and a growing platform, Sarah hired us to design an all-in-one personal brand website to showcase her multifaceted offering. Sarah needed a dedicated platform to house her latest endeavors including blogs, book releases, and a contact page to book speaking engagements. The challenge was simple, design a user-friendly platform that encourages readers to explore the various outlets and that captures Sarah’s witty persona through visual design.

A Photo-Centric Design

The design of the website centers around photography — bright, vibrant images with a pow, indicative of Sarah’s dynamic personality and brand. Photos were produced by San Francisco based photographer Scott Kline Photography. The overall mood of the photography highlights Sarah’s cheeky tone marrying seemingly standard corporate vibes with refreshing doses of comedic relief. We derived the color palette for the website from these photos and expanded it across the entire site design.

Sarah Cooper Website Screenshot

Designing a place for readers to find content

For sites that highlight a solopreneur, it’s always important that it represents them well. From the copy to the design elements, all stay true to Sarah’s personality. Sections like the about page (‘Show Me The Life Story’) and brand accolades (‘Here Are Some Logos’) are sarcastically named as a call out to the common, yet boring, brand brag. It is a stark contrast to the usual call to action which is often “Show More” or “Learn More”. The contact page also shares this humor with a lighthearted disclaimer often seen on personal brand websites.

An easy to manage content editing experience built on WordPress

Let’s face it, no company wants to go back to the design agency that made their website for simple content changes. Sarah came to us already familiar with WordPress so we built a new site on that very platform. This ensured that she would have full control of all updates once the site was complete. The final product is a dynamic one-stop-shop inviting readers to stay connected and up to date on all things Sarah Cooper.

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