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Harmless Harvest

Custom illustration, logo, custom type, and packaging design for the popular coconut water

Harmless Harvest Packaging Bottle

Before joining Studio Simpatico, Creative Director Sinan Imre worked on the Harmless Harvest brand during its infancy. In an industry saturated with palm trees and paper straws stuck into coconuts, Harmless Harvest had to stay true to its natural and simple origin but stand out on the shelf.

Harmless Harvest Packaging Illustrations
Harmless Harvest CoastersHarmless Harvest Tote Bag

We knew that any illustration other than fruits would add a second meaning to the brand. Hands are very familiar and humanizing, and they give the consumer the sense of being handed fresh-picked fruit. The hand-drawn illustration style helped keep the brand humble and relatable.

The beverage sections of grocery stores and delis are abundant in blue and green packaging. The white background on the bottle provided a fine contrast, and looked better under the fluorescent lights that often illuminate such stores.

Harmless Harvest Screenprint IllustrationsHarmless Harvest Tshirt
Harmless Harvest Gelato Packaging
Harmless Harvest Typography
Harmless Harvest Illustrations

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