What services do you offer?

We are a small shop specializing in product/UX design, UI design, branding and visual identity, design collateral, website design, and website development (we build sites on WordPress). Note that our studio only works with and builds custom themes (though we wholeheartedly believe that some sites’ business objectives are best fulfilled using a premade theme — check out this post if you’re not sure about the difference).

How much do your services cost? Do you work hourly or on a project basis?

Every project is different, so every project estimate is different. Similarly, we sometimes work hourly and sometimes on flat fee projects, depending on what makes the most sense. Our studio’s minimum project budget is $30,000.

If you’re looking for development only, we only provide pricing estimates if fully completed designs are provided to us (noting we only accept XD, Figma, or Sketch files — no Photoshop or Illustrator files).

How do you communicate with your clients?

We primarily use Basecamp and email for keeping track of project timelines, deliverables, and client feedback. For larger engagements or for ongoing retainer clients, we’re down to be added to your company’s Slack during the duration of the engagement.

We have designs for our product/platform that are incomplete and need some TLC. Do you do this type of work?

We use a phased approach when it comes to product design:

  • Product and feature requirements (we use Google Docs)
  • UX flows (we use LucidChart)
  • Annotated wireframes (we use Balsamiq)
  • Visual designs (we use [and love!] Sketch)

We’re happy to tackle one or all of these phases.

For example, if you have business requirements but need someone to map out the flows, we’re happy to do that. If you have final wireframes but need someone to make high-fidelity designs in line with your brand style guide, we’re happy to review and (provided the wireframes are fully fleshed out) create designs.

However, if you’re looking for us to finish partially complete or nearly completed deliverables (e.g. you have visual designs that are mostly done, but you’re wondering if the features are useful or if the information hierarchy is correct), we are likely not the best fit to provide maximum value.

Do you design logos? PowerPoints? Business cards?

We do design logos, but only as part of larger branding and visual identity engagements (learn more about what we mean by that). Similarly, we’re happy to design collateral, but only if Simpatico designed the brand/visual identity.

Do you offer hosting?

No. For WordPress sites, we recommend our friends WP Engine.

Do you work onsite?

No, we exclusively work out of our studio in midtown Manhattan, though we’re happy to come to your offices for meetings and collaborative sessions.