What services do you offer?

We are a small studio specializing in designing visual identities, designing and building marketing and editorial sites using WordPress, and product/UX/UI design.

I have a WordPress site that’s already built and need a maintenance partner to help with some updates. Can you help?

For these types of engagements, we work exclusively on a retainer basis (structured as a fixed number of hours per month; hours do not roll over month-to-month). We only work with custom WordPress themes (though we wholeheartedly believe that some sites’ business objectives are best fulfilled using a premade theme — check out this post if you’re not sure about the difference). If you’re looking for help with an existing site built with an existing theme, we can perform a quick code review to determine whether we’d be the right partner.

How much do your services cost? Do you work hourly or on a project basis?

We offer retainer agreements for ongoing/maintenance work, and flat fee estimates (based on an hourly rate) for new projects. For a new website build (UX, design, and development), our minimum project budget is $30,000.

I have designs for a website, and am looking for a firm to turn those designs into a fully functioning site. Do you offer this service?

If you’re looking for development work only, we only provide pricing estimates if fully completed designs are provided to us (noting we only accept XD, Figma, or Sketch files — no Photoshop or Illustrator files). Our minimum project budget for this type of engagement is $15,000.

After you build a website, can we come back to you with maintenance requests?

Yes. We offer flexible retainers for clients who wish us to provide ongoing support. Unfortunately, if a client chooses not to purchase a retainer, we cannot guarantee availability for fixes.

How do you communicate with your clients?

We primarily use Basecamp and email for keeping track of project timelines, deliverables, and client feedback. For larger engagements or for ongoing retainer clients, we’re down to be added to your company’s Slack during the duration of the engagement.

Do you offer UX design and research services? How do you structure these engagements?

We do, but only for full, end-to-end projects with a clear scopes of work and timeframes. We do not provide ongoing UX/UI design support. If you are looking for a UX consultant (e.g. to conduct a research study to answer specific questions or work with your product team to wireframe a specific user experience), Simpatico’s owner Tamara Olson is available for UX design and research consulting projects.

Do you design logos? PowerPoints? Business cards?

We do design logos, but only as part of larger branding and visual identity engagements (learn more about what we mean by that). Similarly, we’re happy to design collateral, but only if Simpatico designed the brand/visual identity.

I’m interested in Simpatico, but see you only work with WordPress. How can I determine whether WordPress is the right solution for my product or site?

I recently listened to Matt Mullenweg (creator of WordPress) give, in my opinion, the perfect, simplified, succinct answer to this question in a podcast interview last year:

“You joked about putting things in a database and taking them out. If if that ratio is one to one … like, maybe like a video game or a chat service … the data architecture and structure of WordPress is not well suited, so you probably want something else. But if it’s something that’s ‘write a lot, read a lot’ — more access pattern — WordPress is fantastic for that. It can support literally millions of authors publishing things millions of times a day that get read billions of times per day. That sort of model is really good for it.”

Do you offer hosting?

No. For WordPress sites, we recommend our friends at WP Engine or WordPress VIP (we were recently named a WordPress VIP Silver Agency partner!).

Are you available for in-person meetings?

We’re a fully remote studio now, but the answer is yes (depending of course on COVID positivity rates and general safety). Tamara and Bruce (Simpatico’s Owner and Head of Design) are both based in the New York City metro area, and would be happy to meet in person as it makes sense.