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Time for an update

As SocialCode grew beyond the social media industry to tackle larger markets such as consumer insights, the SocialCode visual identity needed an update to reflect the same sentiment. The emphasis was taken from ‘Social’ and shifted to ‘Code,’ alluding to unlocking consumer insights as well as SocialCode’s proprietary technology.

The refreshed identity included a uniform color palette with an accent color reserved for CTAs and callouts. A unique style of original illustration and iconography was developed to evoke SocialCode’s thrifty and friendly roots while emphasizing their maturity and graduation from being a small startup. This style helped build strong narratives and make long copy more digestible, especially in the form of infographics and intelligence briefs.

Note: The identity and visual work was done by Sinan while he was in-house at SocialCode. Studio Simpatico (formerly Tamara Olson Designs) was hired to complete the WordPress website development work.

To quickly engage employees with the updated visual identity, we developed branded apparel and accessories. This not only allowed employees to become familiar with brand elements, but helped strengthen company culture.
“We have been so happy with our partnership. Of all the things that my team does, [web development] is the one area that I always feel very confident about, because we have such a good partner.”

Ashley La Fond, Head of Marketing

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