Road Warrior

Road Warrior came to Studio Simpatico to improve the UX of their web and mobile apps, introduce new product features, and to step up their online presence with a new marketing website.

Launch Website

The Challenge

Understand the users and optimize for them

The Road Warrior team came to us with a product that already ranked as one of the top-rated route planning apps in the app store; it was and is beloved by its loyal user base, and offers a “can’t live without it” feature set. However, the Road Warrior team was looking to take the existing app’s user experience to the next level, as well as incorporate numerous new features (especially for dispatchers). We kicked off the engagement with a trip to Boulder, Colorado for a full in-person product design sprint.

The Solution

User and client interviews to establish where we are and where we’re going

To holistically understand Road Warrior and its users, we conducted stakeholder interviews with the principles to establish what was working, what wasn’t, and what simply needed a tune-up. Deep dive sessions with our client proved instrumental in helping our team understand both the existing product and new desired features. Although this was enormously helpful, it’s always hard to be your own navigator. In order to take the guesswork out of discovering what drivers and dispatchers wanted, together with the client we facilitated interviews with real Road Warrior users.

Tamara led the Road Warrior engineering and product team in an affinity diagramming exercise to efficiently and effectively distill the interviews into key themes to guide the design and wireframing process. From these takeaways, we plotted a route to our final product through a UX sprint and marketing site redesign that simultaneously updated and unified the Road Warrior digital ecosystem.


UX to lay down the main roads

After filling our tank with valuable input from both stakeholders and users, we started the UX/Design Sprint by collaboratively articulating high-level use cases and product features Road Warrior wanted to build. We turned these feature requests into “flows,” which we then transformed into full wireframes for all screens (mobile and web). The guiding principles of this sprint were to lower or eliminate hurdles and implement features highly-requested by users.

Saying more with less

Our content team collaborated with Road Warrior to adjust their messaging to incorporate their newest audience, dispatchers, without abandoning the drivers that make up their core user base. Balancing the language to communicate the feature benefits to both audiences in an integrated way reflected the actual integration of dispatchers and drivers.

Marketing site to put up the right signs

To compliment and promote the upgraded mechanisms of Road Warrior, Simpatico redesigned Road Warrior’s marketing site. Our objectives were to create a visual language that intrigued the largely male user base, and to clearly describe Road Warrior’s offering and benefits.

Inspired by road sign typography and the dynamic imagery of video games — a common theme that surfaced in our interviews — we created a visual style that is bold and direct. The dark color scheme emphasizes Road Warrior’s primary brand color — a vibrant and bright carmine — and draws attention to important calls-to-action. This palette is also ready to be applied to the web and mobile apps where a dark UI can help reduce eye strain and distraction while driving or using the web app for extended periods of time as a dispatcher.

Key stakeholders and Road Warrior users repeatedly mentioned how the app meshes seamlessly with drivers’ routines. To visualize this sentiment, we composed images where elements from the app are integrated into the real world as though the driver is seeing an augmented version of the road with Road Warrior. This became a larger theme that we used throughout the imagery and illustrations on the website.

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