We designed and developed a responsive WordPress website for PromoteIQ (a product by Spotfront).

Overview and Challenge

Spotfront founder and CEO Alex Sherman came to us looking for a new website for his company’s premium product, PromoteIQ. Over the course of two months, we worked closely with the Spotfront team to create a branded presence online (a website built on WordPress) to articulate the product’s value proposition to both retailers and brands.

We immediately identified the over-arching challenge of the PromoteIQ marketing website project: How might we communicate to retailers (who are used to ad networks and the “old way” of doing product promotion) how Spotfront’s B2B software works? And how do we communicate (through visuals and copy) why it’s great?

The Solution

Visually Communicating the Concept of “Product Promotion”

When the user first lands on the homepage, all products inside the hero image area fade in to half opacity. One ‘featured’ product continues to fade to full, 100% opacity. The subtle animation reinforces the concept of a brand being able to promote a ‘featured’ image that stands out among the rest: PromoteIQ’s chief product offering.

Telling the Story of How the Software Works

Further down on the homepage, we wanted to visually show “how it works”—in other words, how the product allows brands and retailers to interact. Our solution was a graphic showing a vendor “selecting” a product, with a line showing the product appearing as featured on a retailer site.

On the “Why PromoteIQ?” page, we wanted again to reinforce how the software sits between and interacts with both retailers and brands. The illustration shows the relationship between vendor and retailer by showing “vendor HQ” and a retailer’s website.

A Custom Illustration Style to Tell Stories and Humanize the Brand

To extend the brand visually, we used a line art style of illustration (using colors from the brand’s existing palette) for custom icons and more detailed illustrations to show how the product and ecosystem work.

And as always: A fully integrated, easy to update CMS

We built a custom theme on top of WordPress so the Spotfront team will be able to update all copy and images using the intuitive WordPress back-end. The forms on the site are powered by Gravity Forms.

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