LawCloud is a legal technology company that brings a user-friendly approach to the otherwise tedious task of filing legal documents. They hired Studio Simpatico to develop their new brand, from naming and corporate identity design, to the design, development, and launch of their new marketing website.

The Challenge

LawCloud was initially a suite of premium products sold by iDisclose, the former name of the company. As familiarity with the LawCloud name grew, so did the confusion surrounding the relationship between LawCloud and iDisclose. This was evidently the first problem we had to resolve. Then there was the challenge of combining the contemporary, dynamic aesthetic of the technology industry with the gravity of legal work. Finally, we knew that we had to build a website that could grow at the same rapid rate as LawCloud’s business.

The Solution

In order even begin discussing potential names, we had to fully understand LawCloud’s business and what made them stand out in the legal technology landscape. Through comprehensive discovery sessions, we identified the following differentiators.

One-time Transaction vs. Lasting Partnership

LawCloud’s platform generates complicated legal documents by asking the user simple questions in plain English. Answers are securely stored so that subsequent documents with similar fields can be prepopulated, saving users time, effort, and money. This kind of interaction naturally helps build a more personal and lasting relationships with users.

White Label Integration

Legal tasks often exist as part of a larger process such as raising capital through crowdfunding, or renting a coworking space. LawCloud integrates seamlessly into vendor websites and platforms, alleviating the burden of filing legal documents for that vendor and its users.

What’s in a Name?

Taking everything we learned during our discovery sessions, we explored a variety of concepts that each led to potential name options.

However, as we referred back to the problem at hand, we found that a completely new name might further the confusion that already existed between the names iDisclose and LawCloud. Instead, we considered leveraging the growing equity around both of these names and decided that LawCloud best represented the company’s values. It was ultimately approved that we move forward with LawCloud as the umbrella brand to encompass iDisclose and other potential products in the future.

This direction did not come without its own difficulties. We decided that the website and any promotion around this new brand name had to clearly spell out the relationship between iDisclose and LawCloud. We also collaborated with the client on possible ways to phase out the old iDisclose brand without jeopardizing the loyalty felt by longtime users and partners.

The Answer Right Under Our Noses

Once it was decided that the new umbrella brand would adopt the name LawCloud, we began exploring visual metaphors that would embody LawCloud’s brand values and serve as a starting point for brand’s narrative. We considered a bold, modern, tech-savy visual language used by many of LawCloud’s partners and customers. We also tried out more traditional motifs such as Athena’s owl and the Doric column, both inspired by Ancient Greek virtues and a historic sense of wisdom and security.

We ultimately looked inward LawCloud’s actual platform, and remembered that LawCloud helps its users by asking simple questions and retaining answers to reuse when applicable. Wondering what visual element best represented this process, we found our answer in one of the most common, and perhaps overlooked UI elements — the radio button! It’s simplicity and widespread usage across the LawCloud platform quickly made it clear to us and the LawCloud team that it would serve as the basis of the brandmark. We combined it with the modern yet humanist typeface, Museo Sans, for a modern, digital logo with a familiar and approachable twist.


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Quick Access Within Context

It was important for LawCloud to get their users into the platform within a single click of landing on the website. This presented the risk of presenting the user with too many calls to action on the same page. Our compromise was to keep all CTAs, but reveal them contextually as the user explores each page. This allowed us to retain neat and organized layouts across the site, while still allowing the user to start using the LawCloud platform as quickly as possible.

Targeted Messaging for Split Audiences

As usual, we started the web design phase of this project with detailed wireframes. Since LawCloud users splits into two broad audiences — direct users and vendors who use white label solutions — we gave these audiences acutely targeted pages where content and calls to action are relevant to their particular needs. This also allowed us to take a slightly different tone of voice across these two sections, where direct users face a more friendly, humanized tone while white label solution seekers are addressed more technically.

A Powerful, Fully Custom WordPress Theme

LawCloud is a rapidly growing business. Their white label audience is growing daily and their team is producing more and more resources, press releases, and news features. We designed and developed a custom WordPress theme from the ground up, allowing the LawCloud team to easily create, edit, and curate content of all types.

Not sure whether to build a custom WordPress theme or use an existing one? We’ve outlined the pros and cons of both!

Let me read it!

Our custom theme also allows LawCloud to easily create branded audience landing pages to address new vendor categories, keeping their messaging relevant and direct. To alleviate the confusion regarding the relationship between iDisclose and LawCloud, we also launched a landing page for the former brand, iDisclose. This page was aimed at redirecting users to the new site and teasing the new brand aesthetic to allow for long-time iDisclose users to smoothly transition to LawCloud.

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