Tamara Olson

Tamara wrote

How do you approach product design?

In Art class, my Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Cooperson had us follow a simple and methodical approach to creating drawings: Lock down an idea. Create a pencil sketch. Draw over it in pen. Choose some crayons. Color. Voila! Ready for fridge prime time. By requiring teacher sign-off before allowing us to proceed to the next step,… Read more »

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The Simpatico Team

The Simpatico Team wrote

What is Simpatico’s design process?

At Simpatico, we design for a variety of verticals, media, and projects—from real estate developer websites to non-profit organization logos to fin tech product/UI design. As a small shop, we’re committed to being flexible about deviating from our typical process when we think it will produce better results for our clients. That said, our approach… Read more »

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