Should I use WordPress or Squarespace?

By Amber Weinberg on June 26, 2019

The “choose two” design rule applies to SquareSpace and WordPress websites as well. Our clients often wonder about the differences between SquareSpace and WordPress. In the end, either service will give you a website, but they vastly differ in the means to get there – as well as in cost and features. So let’s take… Read more »

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Why don’t you support IE?

By Amber Weinberg on March 21, 2019

IE11 has been the last of the old outdated browsers that won’t die. While IE11 was way better in terms of web standards, supporting Flexbox and a few other “newish” CSS standards, it still lagged behind the rest of the web and didn’t offer automatic updates with support for things like CSS Grid or clip-path…. Read more »

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How do you approach product design?

By Tamara Olson on December 4, 2017

In Art class, my Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Cooperson had us follow a simple and methodical approach to creating drawings: Lock down an idea. Create a pencil sketch. Draw over it in pen. Choose some crayons. Color. Voila! Ready for fridge prime time. By requiring teacher sign-off before allowing us to proceed to the next step,… Read more »

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What is Simpatico’s design process?

By Team Simpatico on September 2, 2017

At Simpatico, we design for a variety of verticals, media, and projects—from real estate developer websites to non-profit organization logos to fin tech product/UI design. As a small shop, we’re committed to being flexible about deviating from our typical process when we think it will produce better results for our clients. That said, our approach… Read more »

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What is UX Design?

By Tamara Olson on January 28, 2016

Tamara tackles the elusive question (what IS UX?) with an unlikely metaphor.

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